Hi everybody,
Welcome to the website, on this page i want to show how simple and cheap it is to create features on the tabletop, adding scenario creates interesting games and objectives, you have got the miniatures now lets add the eye candy.

If you right click on the example sheets you can save as and download them onto the pc making it alot easy for you to understand the steps.


I think the pictures tell the story of how to build a ruin step by step

Sampan, most common type of small boat in Chinese waters, constructed in a variety of designs. Some have sharp bows, and nearly all have large sterns, with the after portion of the gunwale and deck nearly always raised. Sampans are usually rigged for sailing, sometimes with two masts; otherwise they are rowed with large sweep-type oars. They are usually open or partly decked, with a shelter or cabin aft. In Japan, Hawaii, and Taiwan, a powered boat has been developed out of the traditional Japanese sampan, with a flat-bottomed midsection.

Thought i might just contruct 4 Sampans, created from a black foam board with coffee stirrers, bamboo skewers and basic wire for rope effect, all 28mm scale.
New flags for the Boxer Rebellion, these are historical researched and there is 4 A4 sheets available from  

Yet another period being painted up ready for the tabletop, this time its the Sasanian Empire and the wonderful cataphracts, so far over the past 3 months i have got to around 4 boxes completed in 28mm scale, in the same time i also completed two boxes of the Roman imperial to combat them, never had the time to get those pictures up , so enjoy the Sasanian Empire for now.

Another period of war, this time its the wonderful Masai tribe from East Africa, paints i used black for undercoat, for skin tones begin with cavalry red mixed with a touch of black, once dry normal cavalry red and then dry brush with a mix of scarlet red and cavalry red.

Shields were very easy to paint, every shield had to be different so i first painted the shield iraq sand with a light brown for the overall coat, use a gel pen to draw the designs on, curve shapes and lines are the norm.

The Masai shield used three colours - red that turn orange over time, black  with german grey and ivory white touch up with foundation white.I paint the shield with a sewing needle and a very small bead pin for the colours, you can create patterns and shapes with these, i always use the same for small details on face hands and bits, nothing worse than having a brush with a loose hair - needles are a god send to me - took me a day to paint these up and then i based them up.I am not a perfected painter and i just want them on the tabletop to game, i have a lot more of these to paint as i want a large army to combat the British and Germans in the battles they had, about 150 to do would be just about right.
I am beginning to get around my Boshin war 28mm miniatures and actually paint them, i got a fair number of figures from Empress at some show a couple of years back and just never got round to work on them.

Anyway i have began, but i wanted to create conversions, i saw some Napoleonic Hanoverians plastic 28mm, and straight away i began on the box, i used a dremel tool to remove the braids and cuffs and tailcoat, it does not take very long as they are plastic, drill a hole and pin the heads in, i removed the pouch off the backpack and then cut it in half and stuck it at the front of the figure.

For the sleeve stripes i used a model knife and cut up small pieces of paper and pva glue them on (once sprayed they are solid).

The staff i had to use the solder iron kit, best way to fix this together is use blue tack to place it firmley on a board so it won't move.The flag is now available on the website, i created two sheets one for the Imperial and the other the Shogunate force.
Goverment force Satsuma battalion, these carry two flags one would be the simple red on top of white flag or the Satsuma army flag which is the one they are carrying.On this battalion i cut the rifle bayonet off as they were issued with the model 1865 Spencer rifle, same conversions pouch at the front.
28mm Japanese buildings created

Been very busy painting up the Crusades over the last few weeks, sometimes things get abit boring, so last week as i was painting up miniatures i thought i was in need of Japanese buildings for my Boshin war of 1868, very quickly put together i created four buildings and still manage to paint up around 70 Crusades.

All not perfect and as always a numkber of small mistakes but on a tabletop 28mm game it represents what i want it to be and adds to the period.

I have also began on my Boshin war battalions and i got my soldering iron kit to create the crossbar on the flag bearer, i have also been busy creating alot of those Boshin period flags, which will soon be available on the website.

Again more Islamic Saracens to add to the rather large army we now have in our collection, i think painting these miniatures can become a pain in the backside when itcomes to the Saracens as each 28mm miniature has a different look about them, but once done it gives a sense of achievement and something special to game on the tabletop.
Yet more Crusades for the tabletop, which seems to be growing pretty fast, i managed in between to paint up some Boshin war of 1868 and Four Japanese 28mm buildings, plus a fair number of WOR miniatures, not had time to take photos of these yet but i will get round to it soon.
Crusade army also building up , still have along to go to completing the two armies, i would say around 400-500 28mm miniatures to paint to get that mass effect on the tabletop and then it will be the castle walls and siege equipment.
Muslim army building up rather nice and just keeps on getting bigger all the time, i think we have around a 1000 28mm Muslim force as it stands and still more to paint.

I think coming up with shield designs seems to be the biggest problem, it takes some imagination to paint each shield different, but the effect is worth it.

Long way to go but so far around 12 regiments done for the Sikh wars, probably need around 12 regiments of cavalry and then the artillery guns, plus the fact i still have other Sikh line regiments to get working on this year.

Figures are Studio Miniatures and Stuart gave me a fair discount for ordering so many, he is a great guy and very friendly and the miniatures were a joy to paint.

Another building for the Mogadishu game, 28mm with ground and two floors and stairs
Ruin building 28mm for Mogadishu game at Hammerhead this year, building itself is a Aquarium fish tank piece, just a repaint job and it sits on a base nice.
Italian row of houses 28mm, i was asked if i could create this for a member of the website, took me around 3 days to make and i am glad for it to sit on another tabletop in some part of the country.

I don't do commission work but just for the fun of it, simple to do, its all foamboard and clay mostly, building was wet-painted and then highlighted.